Monday, October 31, 2011

Rockin' Vans

I really love Vans! my mom love Vans, my sister love Vans and all of us love Rockin' VANS!!!

Remember that I thanked Vans U.S. because of the Stickers? If not, well read this

So, here is it. We went to Glorietta yesterday. We shop for Christmas! (Advance Christmas Shopping)  I went to Vans Glorietta 3 and they really have a great team! Super friendly and  they were all kind & in-e-entertain ka nila ng bongga! Kaya sobrang mapapabili ka ng bongga sa kanila... which is really worth it naman!

View from Glorietta 1

Before, we went to Vans Galleria and we bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 shirts but yesterday I don't have money yet! so, we bought 2 shirts.. Next part 2 ko na lang wear yung Vans Shirts! hehe So, here's another shirt collection. Iba't iba ng color naman hehe

and they give me a 3 stickers! Pandagdag collections na naman ito!

So, I got 13 stickers all in all!! Yeheeey!!!

I love my new violet shirt from VANS

 cute design!

I will blog again... Kapag nasuot ko na yung mga shirts :)

We heart VANS :-*

Until next time Vans!!!

Check out their stores and shop for yourself too!
  • VANS Glorietta 3
  • VANS Galleria
  • VANS Marquee Mall
  • VANS Robinson's Manila
  • VANS Ayala Cebu
  • VANS Abreeza
  • VANS Greenbelt 3

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