Friday, October 07, 2011

Oh why Adobe?!

Okay, On our second grading we have more lessons/quizzes/projects on Adobe Photoshop. I really love editing pictures but I really don't use Adobe Photoshop. For me, as a student and a really teenager! haha I don't take a hard time to use the Photoshop but I use picnik in editing and for grading my photos. I'm also using the photostudio on my phone.

Fast forward. So this is really what i'm gonna talk about! My teacher told us that she would have a quiz to in "Images using GIF, Using the Clipping Mask and what is the opacity" Sabi niya yun!! Later lang okay quiz na... Wala man lang lumabas kahit isa man dun!!! Aghhhrr!!! that was the part that I really have a bad mood earlier at school.

but when I open my blogspot and chech my stats oops! I just saw some people visiting again my blog and that was so great to see it. So, I'm really planning to have a Giveaway this coming November. I hope you guys you'll like it. #loveyouguys!!


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