Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Forever 21

My sister and I decided to shop already for Christmas! (were not too excited!) LoL =)) So, we decided to go to Makati and shop @ Forever 21 at SM Makati.

Actually, I'm not kinda too fashionable. I usually just wear shirts, jeans/shorts and sneakers/flip flops. My hair is kinda wavy. So, sometimes I don't comb my hair.. I just bind it! LOL I just love my messy hair and No, I'm not a lesbian! Hahaha I'm too simple to wear clothes. I do it on my everyday lifetime.. LoL

So, for my blog pose muna! (bangag fez ko jan) Hahaha

Using my VANS shirt "Off the Wall" pants from Lee and I
used rubber shoes pero hindi nakita.. I wear my checkered rubber shoes from
Ralph Lauren :)

Hindi rin papahuli anf sister ko :)

Using her Vans shirt too! :)
I told you guys, We love Vans so much! :-*

Fast forward! I think this coming Christmas, magiging girly muna ako! hahaha! I'm thinking of buying a dress para maiba naman... I try to fit a dress.. So, eto naman ang kinalabasan...

So, that's what I buy! the violet dress and gusto ko sana partner w/ rubber shoes! hahaha

and here's what my sister bought for herself. I love her top!!

Here's what we all bought!!!

I will blog it again if  I use it!! :)

Taken by: Mica Estrella and Of course Me, Myself and I Hahaha
                We used only our phone.. I'm sorry if the photos are not good.. Hahaha
                 I always forgot the camera sometimes I remember but low batt naman.. :(

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