Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eagle Ridge

Last Wednesday and Thursday we had our trip at Eagle Ridge and I want to share some pics about our trip the beautiful and peaceful place.

When we are on the road just saw a big house and it's called "WHITE HOUSE" Super cool!! and it's now on bidding about 25 million!!! oh my....

Here's the picture of main clubhouse...

Here's the swimming pool 

if you'll notice there's a white sand on the side of the pool (feeling nasa beach) hehe...

 Here's the 2nd clubhouse that we went and it's called "Aioki Clubhouse" Japanese daw ang nagdesign nito. 

Views in the "Aioki Clubhouse"

So hanggang jan muna... Eagle Ridge has a 5 clubhouse but 3 pa lang ang gawa na yung iba ginagawa pa lang. Well, just had a fun trip!