Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank you so much PaperWallet!

Fusing comfort, function and design, paper wallet accessories are paper-thin, durable, water resistant, 100% recyclable & totally they are very eco-friendly.

Just got home after school and there's a mail from PaperWallet.
btw, Thanks for the people & friends who helped me to get a 10 retweets. You guys are the best! So, I got my paperwallet. 

Yay, I'm so excited to open it.
Opening... dandanderen! LOL =))
yay, here's my paperwallet na.. Color white :)
Okay, dapat the 200 pesos talaga is inside pero ang
hirap kasi kuhanan so ginanyan ko na lang.
Thank you so much PaperWallet.
You the you the best! Lol
More powers! :)

Look also their other collections:

The Limited Edition! That I really want to.. Hehe!


Super cute designs.

Well, If you are an artistic, illustrator, or just love to draw and design even your a student.
Try to design a paperwallet. For more info. Check this out

Visit their website:
Like their Fanpage: Paperwallet

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Join Solo Online's Contests

As you've been checked my previous post they have also a "SOLO ONLINE MODEL SEARCH" but here's the another contest of them..
If you're an artist that loves to draw. You can join this!! 
Be creative!

Here's the Mechanics:

1. Draw an image of Kenkoy in today's time. (using iPad, laptops or etc)
2.Post it on their Facebook Fan Page Click Here or you can email them at and they will upload that on their album.
3. They will pick their favorite at the end of the month to win any Kenkoy item of their choice.

   So, what are you guys waiting for? Join now! Only 2 days left :) 

For their Twitter's Contest
Twitpic any of the Kenkoy items that you want in store and tag them 

 "I want this Kenkoy (shirt/dress/polo) from 

Good Luck!!! :)

Hash Brown Burger

           I went to Church last Sunday with my friends. We heard a beautiful mass and the priest tackled all about the sons/daughters of the family "Alin ang mas gusto niyo? yung nagsasabi ng oo, pero hindi ginagawa or yung nagsasabi ng hindi pero ginagawa?" and my answer is hindi, pero ginagawa. I think that's me! I'm doing that. I say no, but I do it because my mom will get angry with me. Haha!
           After we Heard a Mass we went to Jollibee for our brunch. I usually thinking of buying a chicken with rice because for lunch too.. But, I saw a girl ordering a Hash brown burger. So, nakigaya din ako. Haha

Okay, Dendenrenden! hahaha (the sounds are not good)

Here is it the HASH BROWN BURGER!!

Hash brown burger! So yummy :)

Okay, super lantaran na agad yung burger. because the box of it is the  box of a chicken nuggets. So, I didn't take a pic of it. Sorry, If the pics. are not good. As always I forgot my camera. Thanks again to my phone :)

Eating... Yummy :)

Eating na..  Super yummy talaga! I think you should try this too. Super heavy niya sa tummy solve na for lunch :)


I went to a foundation day! Last February, on my previous school back in my pre-school and elementary days.

 In every special occasion I always go there with my old classmates. I missed that place so badly, when I go there I remember all the things. What we have done mga kalokohan, kakulitan at puro ka -ewanan! haha

Here's the Graduation Picture back in 2004.

I don't have any Most Most! but all of my friends have.. haha because, I'm too noisy, naught, and a super bad girl? Hahaha! (no, tamad lang talaga)

field trip, Look at me! haha! Shy type? Haha I'm with my mom.

Me (with the petals/flower) KTNXBYE! hahaha

I can't see some of my old pictures pa! I will be doing the Part 2 by next week. I need to find pa some of our pictures.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NBS: Treat and Promos

National Bookstore has a Treat and Promos for Everyone!!!

They are one of my favorite place when I go to mall. I love buying books, school supplies and many more...
So, hindi ko na papahabaan pa! hehe...

It's THE MAGIC TREE HOUSE Children's Book Fair


DETAILS: Come join us for this rare opportunity to meet one of the best ever Formula One drivers and get your book signed. Books will be available at Bestsellers, 2F The Podium. This event is made possible for National Book Store by TW Steel, Lucerne and Mastercard.



MECHANICS: Here's a treat for COMIC BOOK-loving Cebuanos! Be one of 10 lucky winners to get FREE passes for two to the 2ND CEBU COMIC CONVENTION, co-presented by National Book Store, on October 1, 2011 at the University of the Philippines, Cebu City. Exclusive for National Book Store fans only! 

MECHANICS: National Book Store is giving away another limited edition Mega Pack from "Celebrations by Sharon"! Join our promo and get a chance to win an amazing set of items from the Megastar's new line of stationery products! Exclusive for National Book Store fans only! 

MECHANICS: Get treated to a P100 National Book Store Gift Certificate for every P1000 single receipt purchase of any HP Calculator.

MECHANICS: Get a FREE HP printer with every purchase of selected HP laptops and desktop computers. PLUS! Avail of selected HP laptops and desktop computers with Citibank 0% Paylite for 3- or 6-month installments in selected NBS branches.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Solo Online Model Search

Solo brings you the 3rd installment of SOLO ONLINE MODEL SEARCH and I think they are the first ever online model search here in the Philippines. To celebrate Father of Philippine Cartoon Tony Velasquez, created Kenkoy in 1929.

Are you kinda interested?

Solo x Kenkoy 8

How to join:  
            All participants wearing any apparel from the Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia ft, Kenkoy are to submit their creative photo entries embedded with graphic elements available for the download via the website. Early birds submissions get rewarded with special prizes from Solo.


Check out for more contest details!!!

 Everyone can register to the contest site to submit entries and/or to vote. They were giving away prizes to
lucky voters as well. They will randomly pick 3 voters per month (September to November) to win Solo GCs!!!

The contest Starts Now until November 15! So what are you guys waiting for JOIN NOW

Check more about SOLO:
                      Website: Solo
                        Twitter: @MySoloOnline
                   Facebook: Like Solo Online

Gucci: Spring Summer 2012 Women's Fashion Show

Gucci is a growing and dynamic business which prides itself on the spirit and professionalism of its employees worldwide. Gucci continually seeks to attract industry-leading professionals who are entrepreneurial by nature and thrive within a flat, performance-orientated organization. The teamwork among Gucci's employees is the foundation of the company's success.
Gucci has a Fashion show about The Spring Summer 2012 presented in Milan. About september 1st.
They share me some of their pictures. I want also to share it from my blog readers.

Look how elegant their new designs.     




For more pictures. Visit their Photo Gallery Click Here 
Website: Gucci
Twitter: @gucci
Facebook: LIKE Gucci Fan Page

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hermés Designers Bag for fruit

As I said, I'm totally can't afford a Hérmes bag. High School Students like me can't afford luxury bags.

But hey!! I think I will earn money for this! LOL

Apple is my favorite fruit and now it's like a phone! "Apple is also need a case/bag" Kaloka diba? This is kinda weird. It's an apple case and it comes with a knife too.. But hey even how much is this I will pay for it! LOL

Designer Bags for Fruit 2

Designer Bags for Fruit 2 2

but hey guys, Not only apple there's a Banana Bag too! hahaha

Glowing Banana Protectors 4

Glowing Banana Protectors 3
with different colors.

This is really cute, I want one! how I wish someone will gave this. LOL

Check out Hermés Site

Pictures from:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Krispy Kreme

Everyone in our family loves to cook, eat and eat and EAT. One of our favorite in our Merienda time is Doughnut! We try a lot of brands but for me Krispy Kreme is the best.

I'm so inlove with Krispy Kreme! Hey, it is one of our favorite.

Know more about the Krispy Kreme


I super thanked my sister because she bought us a 1 dozen of Krispy kreme the "Original Glazed."

If you could notice that picture, Look at the raindrops! Umulan kasi nun. Haha

Saw my Sister's name on the box! I think it should be my name not yours haha!

Wait! Ang alam ko the 1 dozen box has a 12 doughnuts.
Guys, Please count it! haha Are you kidding us? MICA. hahahaha
Fine, sabagay your the one who bought that.

Kuhanan na!! wiihoo. wihoo..

I'm planning for a Food Contest. Haha paramihan ng makain na doughnuts or pabilisan ng pagkain. Haha
Will do it next time/soon!! haha (lakas trip lang)

Btw, Thank you to my Sister Mica! Super thanks for the treat
Sa uulitin! :D

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Follow Havaianas on Twitter

As always!! Havaianas loves to treat everyone.

For twitter: If Havaianas will reach 2500 followers by next week. They will have a Special Treat!

Super nakakaloka toh! So, what are you guys waiting for? Kindly, spread it too thru posting on your blog, twitter or even posting it on your facebook account :)

 Follow them on twitter: @havaianasphils
 Like also their Fan Page for more info.: Havaianas Philippines (Official)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

What do you think #JustG means?

Okay, I’ve been tweeting this since Friday! I’m telling what the #JustG means for you? Well, for me JustG is maybe kinda Just Gorgeous, Gift or Generous. 

But for now, It's been time to tackle about the Giantto Group

Don’t know about Giantto Group? Is it familiar with you? Well, another term for them is Von Dutch watches here in Philippines. I think you know about it na! 

Just G collections is from the Giantto Group, Giantto Group is a prominent Los Angeles based jewerly Company specializing in original custom jewerly and exclusive timepieces, launches and expands the entire brand Giantto Timepiece Collection and Von Dutch Watch collection world wide.
 Here's the Just G collections:

Just G Rose Gold IP Bezel Clear Acrylic Case


and many colors pa.

Just G Solid Black Acrylic Case Stainless Steel Bezel


Just G Solid White Acrylic Case Stainless Steel Bezel

Just G Yellow Gold IP Bezel Clear Acrylic Case

All of the collection Costs $281.00

Also the Just G has a signature G logo on the face and on the buttons on the strap, that is our
signature also.

For more info. Visit their Site:  Giantto 
                                     Blog: The Journey of TIME
                            Facebook: I love Giantto Watches
                                 Giantto: @giantto
                                    Issuu: Giantto