Monday, October 31, 2011

Heywhereyou: "Watches"

Before, I already blogged about and it's all about their cute & awesome shirts, caps, jackets and the Paez shoes. This coming holiday you can now shop online and buy gifts for family, friends, for yourself and for you love one!

Now here's another new product of Heywhereyou!

                                  "The David & Goliath Watches"

                                 David & Goliath

Actually, They are two types of  "The David and Goliath Watches"

Here's the first one, this is what do you called the signature watch

BFF - Signature Watch

the BFF- watch signature (Limited Edition)

Nice Junk - Signature Watch
Nice Junk - Signature Watch (limited edition)


The Signature Watch is made of plastic. I super love their colors and the design. It will be good gifts for your daughter or for your BFF. I know they will love it too!

and here's the other one... "The Candy Watch"

Hot Mess - Candy Watch
Hot mess: Candy Watch (limited edition) I love the design!! 

Nerd - Candy Watch
Nerd - Candy Watch (limited edition)

The Candy Watch is made of rubber.

This are great gifts for your daughter, sons, cousins, sisters, brothers and of course for yourself. I know this watches will fits for you! 


So what are you guys waiting for? Shop now! 

How to shop? Visit their website! Click Here
How to order? Click here
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