Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank you so much PaperWallet!

Fusing comfort, function and design, paper wallet accessories are paper-thin, durable, water resistant, 100% recyclable & totally they are very eco-friendly.

Just got home after school and there's a mail from PaperWallet.
btw, Thanks for the people & friends who helped me to get a 10 retweets. You guys are the best! So, I got my paperwallet. 

Yay, I'm so excited to open it.
Opening... dandanderen! LOL =))
yay, here's my paperwallet na.. Color white :)
Okay, dapat the 200 pesos talaga is inside pero ang
hirap kasi kuhanan so ginanyan ko na lang.
Thank you so much PaperWallet.
You the you the best! Lol
More powers! :)

Look also their other collections:

The Limited Edition! That I really want to.. Hehe!


Super cute designs.

Well, If you are an artistic, illustrator, or just love to draw and design even your a student.
Try to design a paperwallet. For more info. Check this out

Visit their website:
Like their Fanpage: Paperwallet

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