Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I went to a foundation day! Last February, on my previous school back in my pre-school and elementary days.

 In every special occasion I always go there with my old classmates. I missed that place so badly, when I go there I remember all the things. What we have done mga kalokohan, kakulitan at puro ka -ewanan! haha

Here's the Graduation Picture back in 2004.

I don't have any Most Most! but all of my friends have.. haha because, I'm too noisy, naught, and a super bad girl? Hahaha! (no, tamad lang talaga)

field trip, Look at me! haha! Shy type? Haha I'm with my mom.

Me (with the petals/flower) KTNXBYE! hahaha

I can't see some of my old pictures pa! I will be doing the Part 2 by next week. I need to find pa some of our pictures.

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