Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hash Brown Burger

           I went to Church last Sunday with my friends. We heard a beautiful mass and the priest tackled all about the sons/daughters of the family "Alin ang mas gusto niyo? yung nagsasabi ng oo, pero hindi ginagawa or yung nagsasabi ng hindi pero ginagawa?" and my answer is hindi, pero ginagawa. I think that's me! I'm doing that. I say no, but I do it because my mom will get angry with me. Haha!
           After we Heard a Mass we went to Jollibee for our brunch. I usually thinking of buying a chicken with rice because for lunch too.. But, I saw a girl ordering a Hash brown burger. So, nakigaya din ako. Haha

Okay, Dendenrenden! hahaha (the sounds are not good)

Here is it the HASH BROWN BURGER!!

Hash brown burger! So yummy :)

Okay, super lantaran na agad yung burger. because the box of it is the  box of a chicken nuggets. So, I didn't take a pic of it. Sorry, If the pics. are not good. As always I forgot my camera. Thanks again to my phone :)

Eating... Yummy :)

Eating na..  Super yummy talaga! I think you should try this too. Super heavy niya sa tummy solve na for lunch :)

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