Monday, September 19, 2011

Krispy Kreme

Everyone in our family loves to cook, eat and eat and EAT. One of our favorite in our Merienda time is Doughnut! We try a lot of brands but for me Krispy Kreme is the best.

I'm so inlove with Krispy Kreme! Hey, it is one of our favorite.

Know more about the Krispy Kreme


I super thanked my sister because she bought us a 1 dozen of Krispy kreme the "Original Glazed."

If you could notice that picture, Look at the raindrops! Umulan kasi nun. Haha

Saw my Sister's name on the box! I think it should be my name not yours haha!

Wait! Ang alam ko the 1 dozen box has a 12 doughnuts.
Guys, Please count it! haha Are you kidding us? MICA. hahahaha
Fine, sabagay your the one who bought that.

Kuhanan na!! wiihoo. wihoo..

I'm planning for a Food Contest. Haha paramihan ng makain na doughnuts or pabilisan ng pagkain. Haha
Will do it next time/soon!! haha (lakas trip lang)

Btw, Thank you to my Sister Mica! Super thanks for the treat
Sa uulitin! :D


  1. I super love your family! The way you treat yourselves! panalong panalo!

  2. Aw, Your so Sweet! Thank you Shane :) btw, please comment here again send me your email add. I have something for you! Don't worry my Comment box is on Moderation.