Friday, September 23, 2011

Hermés Designers Bag for fruit

As I said, I'm totally can't afford a Hérmes bag. High School Students like me can't afford luxury bags.

But hey!! I think I will earn money for this! LOL

Apple is my favorite fruit and now it's like a phone! "Apple is also need a case/bag" Kaloka diba? This is kinda weird. It's an apple case and it comes with a knife too.. But hey even how much is this I will pay for it! LOL

Designer Bags for Fruit 2

Designer Bags for Fruit 2 2

but hey guys, Not only apple there's a Banana Bag too! hahaha

Glowing Banana Protectors 4

Glowing Banana Protectors 3
with different colors.

This is really cute, I want one! how I wish someone will gave this. LOL

Check out Hermés Site

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