Sunday, September 04, 2011

What do you think #JustG means?

Okay, I’ve been tweeting this since Friday! I’m telling what the #JustG means for you? Well, for me JustG is maybe kinda Just Gorgeous, Gift or Generous. 

But for now, It's been time to tackle about the Giantto Group

Don’t know about Giantto Group? Is it familiar with you? Well, another term for them is Von Dutch watches here in Philippines. I think you know about it na! 

Just G collections is from the Giantto Group, Giantto Group is a prominent Los Angeles based jewerly Company specializing in original custom jewerly and exclusive timepieces, launches and expands the entire brand Giantto Timepiece Collection and Von Dutch Watch collection world wide.
 Here's the Just G collections:

Just G Rose Gold IP Bezel Clear Acrylic Case


and many colors pa.

Just G Solid Black Acrylic Case Stainless Steel Bezel


Just G Solid White Acrylic Case Stainless Steel Bezel

Just G Yellow Gold IP Bezel Clear Acrylic Case

All of the collection Costs $281.00

Also the Just G has a signature G logo on the face and on the buttons on the strap, that is our
signature also.

For more info. Visit their Site:  Giantto 
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