Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some pictures of our fieldtrip

Actually, I'm kinda lazy every field trip since when I was a kid. I hate fixing my own things, foods, extra shirtson my bag & etc... (super tamad lang) So, before the day of our field trip my classmate and I planned to watch movie feeling makakatakas lang. We watched the Breaking Dawn Part 1" Super nakakabitin lang! and then, eto na naman "Home Sweet Home" Mom: fix your things na for field trip Me: Waiiiiit, I'm busy doing my homework (still waiting for my mom to fix my things for field trip but nabigo ako, she's not doing it kaya napilitan na lang ako,... ) So, hey this is it!! I'm so excited for the field trip so I sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 4am.. on 6:am I'm already at school but hey we just arrive almost 7:30 whaaat the... 

We go to our 1st destination.. (hahahahaha)

The AFP museum but bawal mag picture inside dahil nag co-confiscate but here are some pics. (outside)

with my classmates...

Pio's titanic pose! Hahaha

my classmates doing some kabaliwan.. Haha (planking FTW)

Look! here's my math teacher. Who told ya she's not cool? Hahaha

Here's the original copy of El Filibusterismo 

Quezon City Memorial Circle

and we also went to star city but I don't take pictures na... 

I really had so much fun!!!

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