Friday, July 01, 2011

Thank you so much VANS :)

I just got home from school about today! and my sister told me that I had a mail from vans already :)

of course I blurred my personal address... :D

Here are the following stickers given by vans!!! yiiieee

Our family loves vans so much. We bought shoes there & our feet was so comfortable using VANS shoes even though you don't have a socks. 

Here's the pair of shoes that I bought last Summer
Loving my Vans Addie <3

Loving the cool shirts too!!! :)

the free stickers when I purchase the two (2) pairs of Vans Shoes :)

All in All here are my stickers from VANS!!!
So, I have 10 stickers all in all! :)

Yay, Thank you so much VANS!

So, what are you guys waiting for?!
Visit there site:  

Check there stores here in Philippines:
    VANS Glorietta 3
    VANS Galeria
    VANS Marquee Mall
    VANS Robinson's Manila 
    VANS Ayala Cebu
    VANS Abreeza
    VANS Greenbelt 3


  1. You are so lucky!!!

  2. Wow, You're so lucky to have vans :)