Friday, December 02, 2011

DFabShop + Giveaway

Actually, now I love to shop online. It doesn't interfering my schedule. I'm a busy student all day long, I do some practices, different paper works, reviewing for exams/quizzes, and many more. I don't have enough time to go to mall. So, I'm now enjoying to buy thru online. If you are a bag lover like me. Well, here's for you! Try to shop online at DFabShop. You can get some fashionable and adorable bags that you'll love and the prices are all affordable.
And now! Here are some of their collections :)

The Abby Satchel (inspired of Satchel) Actually, I love satchels.
Shane Croco Bag. This bag really looks so fabulous.
Thinking of buying it for my mom.. Whatcha think? 
The Denise All Around Bag it's actually use it all around like for daily use, shopping bag, a gym bag, beach tote or in-flight carry-on and the good thing is.. It is an eco-bags that is designed for you!!

The Chain Bag is with the removable strap. This bag can be used into 3 ways. First, you can used it as a clutch bag. Second, as a shoulder bag and the last as the sling bag.

To check out more collections and more informations (orders) about them you can visit their website:
or check out their Facebook

Here's the Good News for my blog readers! Ms. Dona of DFabShop and I will giving away some love....
The date today is December so we will giving away 2 bags for my 2 lucky blog readers/followers.

Win a Chain Bag from DFabShop 

How to join?

1. Follow me on my twittertumblr and GFCThen, TWEET this "I want to win a bag from DFabShop. Read @itsmeloraineE to get a chance to win! #annsaveehkogiveaway Please RT!" (+1entry)

2.)  Like DFabShop:  DFabShop then, Post this on your wall " is giving away adorable bags from @DFabShop (tag the DFabShop) Wanna join? Visit for more info."  (+1 entry)

3.) REBLOG this POST. (+1entry)

4.) Fill up this FORM

Remember: Only one entry per person, duplicates are not necessary and you need to follow all the mechanics. You need to fill up the form so you can enter the raffle. Be honest! I will check your accounts :) You must be a resident of the Philippines.

The deadline of the submission will be on December 19, 2011 12:48pm. I will choose the winner thru


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